As an original member of 1970's supergroup Firefall, DAVID MUSE helped craft the unique sound that produced gold and platinum albums, as well as numerous chart-topping singles. Songs such as "You Are The Women", "Goodbye, I Love You" and "Strange Way" are regularly counted as some of commercial radio's most commonly played tunes.

DAVID MUSE is an extraordinarily talented musician, playing numerous instruments at the highest of levels: flutes, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, piano, organ, all keyboards, harmonica, clarinet, rhythm guitar and a few others.  He’s a very strong vocalist also.

FIREFALL formed in 1974 in Boulder, Colorado and played around the area for almost a year as a five-piece ‘guitar band’, honing their original songs and sound.  When the band signed a record deal with Atlantic Records in 1975, lead vocalist Rick Roberts suggested his old friend from Florida, multi-instrumentalist DAVID MUSE, be flown out to rehearsals and become the musical ‘color man’ of the group.  Immediately a musical partnership and cohesion occurred.  The original songs of FIREFALL were wide open for the textures and melodies that David brought to the band and the now 6-man group went into Criteria Studios in Miami to record the group’s first album, simply named FIREFALL.  Unfortunately, because David was not a signatory to the record contract (signed only months before he joined), Atlantic stipulated that his picture wouldn’t appear on that first record – but David was a member of the band from those very first recordings and was from the start a huge part of the band’s unique sound.  From the 2nd Firefall album, ‘Luna Sea’, he received the credit, photo credit and the accolades he richly deserved.

In 1981 while still a member of the platinum-selling Firefall band, David Muse released his critically acclaimed solo instrumental album, “Tonal Alchemy.”  It was one of the very first “New Age” recordings ever released in America, fusing ‘New Age’, jazz, funk and ‘a little experimental music’.  One reviewer called it ‘a sound that reaches into your soul and alters your perception of what music can be.’

Here’s what David has to say about himself:

“I landed on this planet in July, 1949.  Matter of fact, it was in Rome.  Rome, Georgia that is.  Life growing up was pretty normal until I got a toy clarinet for Xmas.  It was all downhill after that!  Really that's when I discovered how magical music can be.  I took up the real clarinet in elementary school and had my own Dixieland band by Junior High.  Then the Beatles showed up and changed everything.  I took up playing the bass guitar because no one wanted a clarinet player in their band.

That's when I first met Rick Roberts.  I was in a band called 'JR and The Newtrons'; Rick came and sang with us for a while.  Later on Rick and I played in a band called 'The Sons of Man.'  We used to practice in Rick's parents' flower shop, Alice Mae Flowers.  It was the 1960s and everything was groovy!  School came and went, including two and a half years at St. Petersburg Junior College, where Jim Morrison of the Doors was an alum.  After college I hit the road in my VW bus playing the club circuit throughout the eastern U.S. with a band called 'Too Much Boogie.'  After years of driving around the country, living in sleazy motels, eating greasy food and playing Rock & Roll at night, I settled down in Atlanta, GA.  I joined a band called 'Taxi' and we were the house band at Scarlette O'Hara's in the original underground Atlanta!

 It was after four years of that that my old friend Rick Roberts called and told me about a band he was in out in Boulder, Colorado.  He thought I should come out and check it out.  I did, and the rest is history.  The FIREFALL experience was a great synergy of the six band members.  Those were amazing times, touring non-stop and hearing our songs all over the radio.  I played with FIREFALL from the first album until the original band broke up in around 1981.  After that I moved to California for a few years and then ended back up in Florida.  It was here that I got a call from Doug Grey of Marshall Tucker Band.  I joined the band and was with them for seven years, touring with Hank Willams jr., Charlie Daniels, .38 Special and many others.  The schedule was hectic -- 230 days plus on the road a year!  I finally quit and came back to work with Firefall.   It was like coming home.  I love the guys in the band!  

Well that's about all for now. I don't know when the spaceship is coming back for me so we'll see what remains to be written. LOVE, PEACE, AND WISHES FOR TRUTH UNLIMITED!!”  Dave Muse.

FIREFALL and DAVID MUSE were inducted into the COLORADO MUSIC HALL OF FAME on 1/9/2015 along with The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Poco and Stephen Stills & Manassas.  It was a well-deserved honor given to the band and David for their vibrant contributions to the music industry.

For more info, www.davemuse.com